Tuesday, September 6, 2011

A Little Man Birthday.

For Cole's Birthday, we threw him a little party. A little man party. We invited our family over and served desserts and opened presents. Cole got his very own smash cake in which he stuck his hand in then cried. Not exactly how I envisioned that going. In his defense, he has had like three teeth come in all at the same time and that has got to hurt! For his actual birthday, let him open our presents. One of his presents was mustache pajamas. I thought they were so funny and so fitting for this little man! I did take pictures, but I've been a little obsessed with Instagram, so I decided to use those instead. Since Cole has turned one, he has walked! He is taking about five or six steps and immediately claps afterwards, and makes sure you do too! He is also is becoming more of a "tornado". Today, I went to the grocery store. Cole discovered how to unbuckle himself in the cart and stand up when I was turned away looking at what I needed. He also discovered he could reach out and pull things off the shelf, like a whole box of gum. At home, he leaves a mess wherever he goes and pulls out anything loud that he can bang against the floor, like cake pans or sifters. I think I may have a crazy "toddler" on my hands! This week, I will be trying to teach him not to put his hands in the toilet and to eat other foods besides berries and mac and cheese. I'm trying to fatten up this little skinny kid but he has become quite the picky child while he is teething. Goodness gracious! Any help?

Coles Awesome new pajamas!
Birthday Presents!
Cole's Birthday Cupcakes

Birthday Smash Cake
Birthday Staches

Coles Bday


  1. What a fun party! You did a great job :) xoxo

  2. Good find on the mustache pajamas! And the decorations turned out so cute. I love the blog re-do as well. I wanna be like you. :)