Sunday, March 11, 2012

HotAirBalloon Sometimes I feel so lucky to live in Arizona. And when I say sometimes, I usually mean only November through May. The weather is perfect today! Perfect for this little family to go take a walk! So why am I blogging when it is such a beautiful day outside? Just to brag.
*THIS REMINDS ME! I need to take 18 month old pictures of Cole! Yes, he turned 18 months on February 23rd. Since then he has been jibber-jabbering away. And causing all types of trouble. This little boy is a hard one and stretches me to the limit sometimes, but I love him so much. So this next post coming up this week will be 18 month old pictures of Cole. Promise!

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  1. Awesome picture! Frame that. Now. Or Maybe I'll buy it from you and frame it for me. :)